oh bobicus, you're drooling on my lace!


Cast on Friday, February 12, 9 p.m. in a dark car driving to Pennsylvania.

Cast off Sunday, February 28 at 10:30 while the sun is fighting with snow showers.

This lace business is challenging, especially those yarn overs that don’t sit right and become impossible to find when you’ve ripped. But! I’m looking forward to knitting more lace!

::Bows head for medal to be slipped on::

Ahhhh, the Ravelympics. Trying to attain something that is a challenge, through hard work, determination, discipline, perseverance, and all the other sports-analogy words I can come up with.

I practiced with a much heavier wool. I swatched. I gagued. I wound. I was ready!

I was on my way to Pennsylvania with my best buds for our annual girls weekend away, and as we were finishing up dinner at a diner (and a really good diner, too) my friend casually mentioned “It’s three minutes to nine.”

I shrieked! She tossed me the keys and I sprinted out to the parking lot, pulled out the yarn and needles, and prepared to cast on. Just as I was about to start, my daughter texted me. Aaaagh! Nooooo! Not an emergency now!!!!! Here’s her text:

“Are you ready?”

Yikes! Answer her fast, fingers fumbling. Did I mention it was 17 degrees outside? And I didn’t turn the car on? Hit send, pick up needles. And…….go!

“Cast on 11 stitches……”

So far, so good. Wow. This yarn really is thin. Whoops! Did I drop a stitch already?

Meantime, my friends are back in the car, and thank goodness the heat is on. But what’s this? I can’t leave the light on in the back? What do you mean it interferes with your driving? It’s just a little light! Oh, come on, those truck drivers aren’t scary, you can see fine….. okay, fine, whatever. Sheesh.

Do you understand the gravity of the situation? Everybody in the world is knitting except me!

Over the course of the evening and the next morning, I manage to get the border done.

“Pick up 78 stitches…….”

Oh. Good. Heavens. I need a magnifying glass to see these stitches to pick them up! I hunch over them, counting. Counting. Counting again. I let out a whoop! “I DID IT!!!” (My friends just look at me weird. Yeah, they’re not knitters.)

After that, it was downhill faster than Lindsay Vonn, and without the chic and stylish skiwear to go with it. I have never ripped out lace before. It is unfreakingbelievably hard to do, and my hands were shaking which resulted in dropping stitches. Do you know how hard it is to pick up a stitch, particularly if you’re not sure if it was a YO or a BOO BOO? Do you know that it’s really not easy to “read” your knitting when every other row is something different? Do you know I’m really good at this whining?

Here’s where I am so far:

pay no attention to that hole. It's a lace hole. I swear.

This is supposed to be a stole. I’m thinking it’s going to be a really short scarf. Maybe even a doily. But I have this week to work on it…. and I swear I’m not going anywhere except work and home. I’m going to finish this, if it’s the last thing I do, dag nab it. And I’ll never be hungry again, nor any of my folk……… (cue “Gone with the Wind” score).

In other news, here’s the socks I made Maggie for Christmas:

the obligatory ballerina in front of the oven pose.

It’s a funny thing about getting the knitting groove back. Seems if you sit down and knit, knitting actually gets done. And if I don’t say “What? I’m only on row 7?” and instead say “Wow! I’m already on row 7!” it makes a big difference.

And just to mix things up a bit, I gave up complaining for Lent. And chocolate.


I would show you the socks I made Karen, but she and her feet are back in Maryland, so no photo. Here are the socks I made myself after the Christmas knitting, and I absolutely LOVE the pattern! So much so that I cast on another solid color as soon as I finished these, but the Olympics are now putting them in a holding pattern. Pattern is simple Skype socks and is free on Ravelry.

looks like my foot is swimming in caramel.

I know I had it here somewhere……

I looked behind the three pairs of socks I made. Not there.

I looked under the cabled hat I made, and while I didn’t find January there, I did find that the *^%$&* thing was too small. AGAIN. Why can’t I make a hat that fits?

I looked next to the Clapotis that I blocked and swooned over. Nope.

I thought maybe it got tangled up in the first-ever pair of mittens I’m making, but no dice.

I even moved the pile of patterns I’m considering for my first-ever lace shawl for the Ravelympics (hey there, Team Jellyfish!) but it just isn’t anywhere that I can find it.

If I have to start looking at milk cartons for my January, I’ll let you know.


In other news, there’s a whole lotta yarn been coming in the house. Rockin’ Sock Club. Knitpicks overload. Yarn that a friend was de-stashing and wanted to let me have first crack. I’m feeling quite fuzzy and so glad that Cookie has not tempted me into the spinning because then I’d probably lose February too, and that can’t happen because it’s my birthday month!!!

Wow. Just wow.

It was a marvelous Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, truly, where everything went right, everyone loved their gifts, and even though I didn’t finish all my knitted gifts, it’s still all good. There will be plenty of time to finish over the next week, and then…..

Time to play with the new toys! Got some awesome skeins of yummy yarn, plus a squeal-worthy set of Knit Picks double-pointed Harmony needles. AND THE BARBARA WALKER BOOK I HAVE BEEN LUSTING AFTER FOR LIKE FOREVER. (pardon me while I wipe the drool away.) We are traveling somewhere by train very soon, and is it ridiculous that I’m more excited about the uninterrupted train-knitting time than I am about the destination???

I did manage to finish knitting my good friend her very own eggplant, and she went absolutely bonko over it. (Why don’t I have a picture of it? That’s a really good question. Why don’t I? I’ll have to ruminate on that.) I wanted really badly to knit the gift-du-jour, a neckwarmer, but it’s only 3/4 of the way done. I wanted to finish the gifts for my girls, but everytime I needed to knit, they were there in the house, sitting in the same room, prattling on and on about how much they loved Christmas and home and me and everything. I mean, really, how do they expect me to get anything done if they insist on hugging me all the time? Work was no help either, there were always students coming into my classroom and expecting me to put down the knitting and teach them something. Really? Don’t you have priorities, kids?

I’m in awe of all the other bloggers on my rss feed that managed to keep blogging through the days leading up to the gift-giving day, AND show pics of finished objects, AND the wonderful baking they were doing, AND the rest of the brilliant words they write. AND the photos, the photos…… let me ruminate on that some more.

The post’s title? Without getting too much into detail, I’ll just say that the spirit moved me to open up a bit to someone who’s been extremely distant and difficult and I think a connection has been made. I need to remember that feeling and keep it going and not retreat into the usual “oh for pete’s sake grow up already and fix it wouldja?” mode that I find myself in sometimes when dealing with this person. After all, I really am blessed and it would only be human decency to keep that blessed feeling moving onto someone else who might not be so easy to love.

And with that, off to bite the head off a gingerbread man. Human decency only goes so far when carbs are on the table!

Suddenly I have found a camera, it seems. And nobody and nothing is safe, especially not my little Santa village!

Here’s some more of the basilisk masquerading as a scarf. I was feeling the groovy when the green meshed with the blue in a pretty two-car pile up, and then it went into a normal contrast. It’s never ending fun, I tell you!

And to add to the holiday fun, we shopped for our tree. The farm we went to apparently got way too popular, and with only their second day in business they were not cutting any more trees. They had to save the rest to grow, and they ended up trucking in trees from Pennsylvania. They told us they would let us have the one behind the shed if we wanted it:

I think it’s just a wee bit too big.

So we ended up with a pre-cut, which means we could have saved ourselves the 45 minute trip out to the farm and gone to one of the numerous lots all over the place, but then we wouldn’t have frozen our patooties off and stopped for this:


Two posts in two days! Is it the apocalypse???

More knitting:

Just one small section of this basilisk!

I’ve been using a skein of Noro and a skein of Trekking and the feather and fan pattern, and wow is it ever entertaining. It’s pretty long now (about four a half feet) and I don’t know when I’ll be able to stop. It’s a bit on hold for now as the stealth knitting has taken precedence. You know, December and all that.

And dreaming of a white Christmas? The white stuff happened here on Saturday, except it was while we were driving and I didn’t have the camera. Next time, I promise!

Go forth, Monday, and become Tuesday. Please.