Someone's just a *little* proud!

This is the one I just took to college last Thursday – doesn’t she go to a purty school? Of course, Thursday it was 95 degrees and this photo was taken back in April, but hey – the important thing is, the cord has been found. So there will be photos again!

Loving the garter stitch

And this is the blanket I made for the new baby neighbor – Chloe. Again, it was a 90 degree day when I delivered the wooly square, but I rationalized that air conditioning can make babies chilly, so wool is okay. Someday I’ll do another, but I’ll use Jared Flood’s blanket design with lace edging. This was more of a modified log cabin edging. Pink yarn is Trekking and white yarn is Cascade and that’s all that I can tell you about it because this was back in the beginning of May! (Told you I lost the camera cord. I don’t mess around when I lose things.)