“When I get enough time, I’m going to…..”

“Oh, I’d love to, but I really don’t have enough time….”

“Where did the time go…”

I have time this week, and what a beautiful gift I’ve given to myself. Right now I’m in a Starbucks in Wheaton, Maryland, knitting and sipping tea and writing my blog post. I’m actually watching other people. I’m doing something completely different from my regular routine and I am reveling in it, baby!

Look, it's not baby knitting!

There’s so many things I could be doing with my week off from school such as writing lesson plans, learning how to make a podcast of my third grade, clearing years of junk out of the basement and having one heck of a yard sale (yard not included), planning the vegetable garden, changing over the closets, etc. That’s what you plan on doing when you have a week off from school and nobody else in your family does, right? You pick up the slack on all the chores that are drifting by and requiring chunks of time in your mental to-do list.

Instead, when Non-Knitting Daughter came home from school for Easter, I impulsively decided to drive her back to college and spend a couple of days there. No plan, no agenda, no hidden to-do list. (Okay, one thing: find a yarn store I saw on Ravelry). We drove back on Monday and went to a mall – we wandered. We window-shopped. We sampled tea. We had the luxury of time, and we enjoyed spending that time being unstructured.

What a gift!

When I woke up in my hotel room, I realized I could do anything today. I could knit the day away in the comfy armchair the hotel so thoughtfully provides. I could find that yarn store whenever I wanted, and I could find other stuff too. There would be time.

Looking at other folks in this Starbucks whom I’ll never see again, I realize how important a new perspective is as well as the time to relish the moment as it’s happening. There’s people conducting a business meeting here, which makes me wonder what kind of job allows you the chance to spend time in a coffeeshop and talk so engagingly with another and still get paid for it? There are people writing on their laptops just like I am… are they writing about me writing? It is so out of my usual loop that I’m feeling completely jazzed and I’m gtorn between wanting to stay and see more people and wanting to find more places. Routine usually runs my life, and it has its place and is certainly productive, but I’m seeing that it also has the capacity to make me feel tired and a bit weary.

I’m gonna have to write myself a thank-you note for this luxurious gift I’ve given myself.