I know I had it here somewhere……

I looked behind the three pairs of socks I made. Not there.

I looked under the cabled hat I made, and while I didn’t find January there, I did find that the *^%$&* thing was too small. AGAIN. Why can’t I make a hat that fits?

I looked next to the Clapotis that I blocked and swooned over. Nope.

I thought maybe it got tangled up in the first-ever pair of mittens I’m making, but no dice.

I even moved the pile of patterns I’m considering for my first-ever lace shawl for the Ravelympics (hey there, Team Jellyfish!) but it just isn’t anywhere that I can find it.

If I have to start looking at milk cartons for my January, I’ll let you know.


In other news, there’s a whole lotta yarn been coming in the house. Rockin’ Sock Club. Knitpicks overload. Yarn that a friend was de-stashing and wanted to let me have first crack. I’m feeling quite fuzzy and so glad that Cookie has not tempted me into the spinning because then I’d probably lose February too, and that can’t happen because it’s my birthday month!!!