Suddenly I have found a camera, it seems. And nobody and nothing is safe, especially not my little Santa village!

Here’s some more of the basilisk masquerading as a scarf. I was feeling the groovy when the green meshed with the blue in a pretty two-car pile up, and then it went into a normal contrast. It’s never ending fun, I tell you!

And to add to the holiday fun, we shopped for our tree. The farm we went to apparently got way too popular, and with only their second day in business they were not cutting any more trees. They had to save the rest to grow, and they ended up trucking in trees from Pennsylvania. They told us they would let us have the one behind the shed if we wanted it:

I think it’s just a wee bit too big.

So we ended up with a pre-cut, which means we could have saved ourselves the 45 minute trip out to the farm and gone to one of the numerous lots all over the place, but then we wouldn’t have frozen our patooties off and stopped for this: