Went to Stix n Stitches in Montclair today, and had the pleasure of meeting Mr. B r o o k l y n T w e e dhimself, Jared Flood. He was doing a book signing and was so warm and gracious to everyone. I’m especially pleased that the inevitable errata was already corrected in the front of the book, and I’m already drooling over so much.

Get a copy!

A friend from knitting group was there as well, and it gave me warm fuzzies. Love this community we knitters have!

Socks that were racing down the toe are done, and gifted to darling hubby. Next pair on the needles are for the Marching Band Magster, in Nancy Bush’s Conwy pattern.

Sweater needs neck finished, arms woven, and a good severe blocking.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If I write a thousand words, will you pretend there’s a picture here? Anyone? Bueller?