Have pictures from the vacation, from the mini-vacation after it, the knitting that happened….

But it’s hot. It’s been over 90 degrees (F) for a week. The camera is somewhere I’m not almost all the time. I have to make dinner. Somebody needs me. The laundry.

Yeah, welcome to my August. And I got my perky “welcome back!” papers for school, which I am ignoring big time until I absolutely have to. Kind of like the way I use to face brussels sprouts when I was a younger, whinier version of me now.

Oh, and I went to a knitting group with my daughter. It was fabbity fab, and I’m looking forward to going back again. Wonderful people, very warm and welcoming. Food was good, too!

Until then, I’ll be over there near the large unsweetened iced tea and the knitting and the Gilmore Girls DVDs.