This summer, I’ve been getting up every morning at 7 a.m. and walking for 1/2 hour. Since I got virtually no exercise before (except being on my feet all day as a teacher) this is a big jump.

I felt that I was going to fall off the wagon since I wouldn’t be walking Tuesday and Wednesday, because Maggie and I were going on a road trip to look at colleges. Well, trust me when I say I think I’m caught up in the walking department! Yikes!

Where is it written that every college must be on a hill? And that all the interesting buildings are situated in the four furthest corners from each other? And that maps are almost impossible to understand? Oh, maybe that last one is just me.

We were at U Mass Amherst and URI. Both had some positives and negatives, but URI seriously kicked some UMass butt. It was really really nice. The ride home along 95? Not so much.

Time spent with daughter? Wonderful. There were stories of chickens and penguins and dinosaurs and taking over the world, and some awesome food eaten. Plus a bag of marshmallows. Sssh! I’m still fooling myself that I’m ahead on the walking thing.

No photos. Camera didn’t tell me it wanted charging until the first photo op presented itself, and by then we were in Connecticut. Just picture lots of trees, lots of hills, and lots of buildings, and you’ll have it.

SOCK REPORT: Number two is ready to be flapped.